Deprive.This is a word everybody knows the meaning of.Not only knows it but also feels it.Everybody feels deprived. Ranging from a poor fellow on the streets to the wealthiest in the town. For a haggard man looking up at the house of an affluent family he couldn’t have wished for a better life himself. How is he to imagine how deprived the people in  the house actually feel. How is he to imagine how much those people crave for a good night’s sleep. How is the poor man to imagine what it feels like to not wear the most expensive piece of jewellery.

For the affluent looking at the man, they can only estimate the hunger he has for food and wealth. Even for them it is hard to imagine how thirsty he is for respect. They see only his desire for some tangible goods but they fail to notice his want for some love and kindness. They do not realize that even he is deprived of something other than wealth.

Therefore it is wrong to say that it is only some sections of our society which are deprived. Also it not fair to pinpoint as to what it is that they are deprived of. Because even the wealthiest can feel deprived of simple things like sympathy and health.


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